Monday, 4 August 2014

ATC's for June and July 2014

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, I'm sat in my camper can writing this, relaxing and chilling today.
My grandson Harry is 6 months old today, time goes by so fast !!

Well down to the business in hand, we had loads of ATC's this time so here goes,
From the lovely Lise Cooke 12 yes I said 12 ATC's , I guess Lise has a fav colour and it is pink, beautiful , tactile and pretty thank you Lise,

The next are from Karen Hayselden, her favortite colour prompted her to make two beautiful ATC's in weathered white, simply gorgeous, thank you Karen xxx

Georgina Ford sent in a gorgeous blue themed ATC, the seed heads are textured and you may not pick that up on the photo, thanks Georgina xxx

Lorena Wakefield sent two sunny  ATC's, they are just delightful, thank you Lorena xxx

Gemma Mags's favorite colours are turquoise and pink, the little guy is very handsome, the butterfly ATC is very pretty, thank you Gema xxx

These two blue beauties are from Bridget Linton, there is even a definition of blue on the feeling blue ATC. The other ATC is made from some type of perspex I think, sorry if that is wrong Bridget xxx anyway it is very pretty, thank you Bridget xxx

Sue Dix sent in these lovely blue ATC's three in all , the stamps are Sue's own designs very pretty, love butterflies they are sparkly too but you can't see that on photo, thank you Sue xxx

Tracy Abson's favorite colour is pink,  Tracy sent two splendid ATC's with rosette flowers very tactile and pretty, thank you Tracy.

Andrea Moorhouse sent in three ATC's blue, pink pastel colours embossed too, gorgeous, with added gems and pompoms, thank you Andrea xxx

Jackie Wadely's sent in two delightful blue ATC's the dolphin waves are embossed, the cat has glossy buttons and eyes, the colours are graduated,  thank you Jackie xxx

These two pink ones are from Shirley, very pretty, with buttons and gems, love the handbags, thank you Shirley xxx

Green is Lesley's favorite colour, the two ATC's are just divine and the little bells tinkle too, Lesley has also made cute emvelopes for her ATC's, thank you Lesley.

The last two are from me, green is my fav colour at the moment but I may change my mind xxx

lots of love
 julie xx


lorena wakefield said...

All so pretty!

kassa said...

Don't know how you do it Julie - another fabulous swap and a great one underway now too.
Enjoyed reading this swaps post and peeping at all the amazing ATC piccy's sitting pretty in the pebbles :-))
Thanks a million for being our hostess xoxo